After spending a majority of my practice as corporate legal counsel to multiple corporations, I decided to take a new path in my legal career and use my knowledge of corporate law to represent businesses of all sizes as well as business owners, executives, and various foreign entities conducting business in Florida. I want to reach a greater cross-section of Florida businesses in various sectors and enterprises to help protect their interests and help them grow their business to unimaginable heights. I focus on providing competent, affordable, and prudent legal services.

Fantetti Legal is focused on a broad range of corporate transaction-based services, including contract claims and negotiations, contract drafting and review, entity formation, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, asset purchases, licensing agreements, and other general business law matters. Due to the crossover of business-related legal projects, I also dedicate a significant portion of my practice to assisting businesses with their needs in labor and employment law and real estate matters.

Fantetti Legal serves as outside general counsel to various entities in the Tampa Bay area, and assists others in business claims, including but not limited to Tocobaga Consulting, Inc., Superheroes By Design, LLC, Zorsus Holdings, Inc., Bayshore Powerports, LLC, and Alternative Energy Applications, Inc.

I am always open to speaking to individual clients and businesses at no cost to see how I can assist them, whether it be from starting a company and filing the proper documentation, drafting contracts to help a business conduct its operations, assisting with an asset sale or entity acquisition, or resolving employment law disputes brought forth by a employee against an employer. Before starting Fantetti Legal, I served as In-House Legal Counsel for Veredus Corporation, and I served as Corporate Legal Counsel for ClearSignal Networks. In addition to my practice, I serve as an adjunct professor of law at Western Michigan University Cooley School of Law’s Riverview, Florida campus where I teach Corporate Business Planning.

If you have a friend, colleague, or business partner that you know is looking for legal services to help protect their business interests, I ask that you refer my information to them or ask them to visit my website