Fantetti Legal was available at the right time for us. We spent so much time focusing on preparing the dynamics of our business that we did not realize the legal documents we needed to finalize the establishment of our business in Florida and in other states we are doing business in. Additionally, Fantetti Legal took the lead on negotiating several contracts for us with our vendors, which helped speed up our timetable when we were approaching strict deadlines. We appreciated the strategic viewpoints Fantetti Legal provided as both a business and legal counselor.
— Jennifer Albano, Part Owner of Camp Kid Again, LLC

Camp Kid Again is an all inclusive summer camp for adults! The camp lets adults enjoy activities they loved as kids, but with the social experience for adults. Campers can indulge in an open bar of wine and craft beer, and indulge in well cooked meals and snacks throughout the day. Along with all the fun camp activities, there are special events planned like dodgeball, the beer olympics, square dances, and much more. It provides every adult the chance to escape the stress of every day life and remember what it is like to be a kid again.

Fantetti Legal assisted Camp Kid Again with contract drafting and negotiation; filing the required legal and operational documents in states outside of Florida it conducts business, and drafting internal corporate documents.



The relationship between Mr. Fantetti and TocoWorks has been very rewarding for us. Our company continues to trust Fantetti Legal’s extensive legal experience in business law and we have yet to be disappointed.

Also, we are pleased Mr. Fantetti is very experienced with employment law due to the fact that we utilize independent contractors in some of our operations. With honesty and direct communication, we are elated that Mr. Fantetti has a quick turnaround time with our work requests and he is amazing at meeting deadlines.

A quick response is what we expect from legal counsel and that is exactly what he delivers.”
— Law Smith, CEO & Founder, Tocobaga Consulting (TocoWorks)

Tocobaga Consulting, also known as Toco Works, is a Tampa-based, full service business consulting firm that possesses a diverse platform of talents to help any business from start-ups to regional and national companies. Toco Works provides branding, development, business strategies and consulting, marketing, and design for any business in various sectors of enterprise. Fantetti Legal was retained to provide Toco Works with many services, including but not limited to:

  • Employment law compliance advice.
  • Business contracts including but not limited to purchase agreements, independent contractor agreements, confidentiality agreements, and more in order to conduct its operations.
  • Fantettl Legal also organized Toco Works’ corporate book, drafted its corporate bylaws, director meeting minutes, board resolutions, stock subscription agreements, and established its corporate ledger. 


Alternative Energy Applications, Inc

Fantetti Legal helped us organize our human resources policies and put together an HR manual with consistent policies that are compliant with state and federal laws.

Steve took time understanding our business and making sure we covered every area of the labor laws from wage and hour compliance, family medical leave, and more.

We recommend Steve to new companies or companies that may need an update to their HR program like we did.”
— Cary Carreno, CEO, Alternative Energy Applications, Inc.

Alternative Energy Applications, Inc. is an energy services company that specializes in delivering comprehensive conservation programs and solutions to commercial and residential customers throughout the southeastern United States. 

As a Brandon, Florida based company, AEA ensures it is providing its employees with a great work environment and ensuring compliance with state and federal laws.  Fantetti Legal assisted AEA with establishing its Human Resources Policy Manual and providing advice on compliance with labor and employment laws. 



My business partner and I are extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and creativity Mr. Fantetti exhibits when we present various legal challenges to Fantetti Legal; in fact, we use Fantetti Legal for all 3 of our companies.

We had no idea that we had several assets combined in one entity and we were not aware of the risk and liabilities we were facing. Mr. Fantetti made is easy for us to understand the intricacies of the legal issues we faced in cases and in organizing our business.

Every business or entrepreneur should retain Fantetti Legal because they will learn business strategies in addition to outstanding legal representation.”
— Joe Zammataro, Founder, Owner: Zorsus, Holdings, LLC.; Wrenchables, Inc.; and Bayshore Powersports, LLC.

Zorsus Holdings, LLC. is a holding company for numerous entities engaged in e-commerce, marketing, shipping and repairs for water sports machines and equipment. With entities already established in the State of Florida, Zorsus retained Fantetti Legal to draft corporate documents for its businesses, provide guidance and legal counsel regarding business strategies, entity formation, corporate governance, and more.

Fantetti Legal was able to provide Zorsus with effective risk-minimization strategies for all of its entities and subsidiaries to ensure legal protection of its business assets and intellectual property.



We didn’t know anything about the legal requirements for starting a business. Steve took the time to meet with us on several occasions and explain the entire process from selecting an entity type, filing with the State of Florida, drafting the corporate documents we needed and how to maintain proper records to safeguard our personal liability from our company.

I have no reservations about referring my family, friends, and even strangers to Steve, his legal expertise in the business arena is endless.”
— Jimmy Phalavanh, CEO, Superheroes By Design, LLC

The owners of Superheroes By Design provide supreme personal training and nutrition planning to people throughout the Tampa Bay area. Their gym is located in South Tampa off Kennedy and it is readily available to people with busy schedules and flexible to offer personal training sessions at random hours of operation.

Fantetti Legal was tasked with providing advice on selecting an entity type, forming a business venture, and drafting the necessary corporate documents (articles of organization, an LLC operating agreement, organizational minutes, member subscription agreements, a corporate book) to establish the company and maintain corporate governance for operation of the business. 

Bayshore Powersports, LLC

Steven has exceptionally broad knowledge and experience with business entities, which he used to help us develop a business strategy that fit our model for growing our business. When interacting or working him, the timeliness of his responses are unparalleled and set him a part from other big law firms that may perform the same services.”
— Gregory T. Hall, Partner, Owner: Bayshore Powersports, LLC

Bayshore Powersports is a Tampa based business that focuses on shipping and repairs for water sports equipment. Also, they provide consultation and advice to water sport enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge of water sports.

Fantetti Legal provided Bayshore Powersports assistance with minimizing legal risks with legal content including disclaimers, warnings, and warranties in its contracts and other legal documentation.